three more flat fish : Sun Fish

I enjoyed making the three previous flat fish so much I thought I would continue the experiment .Its mostly about the sufaces of the wood , the colours achieved with different waxes and the arrangement of spots . With Setting Sun , the red one , I tried to use spiral phylotaxis , I discovered that what worked on a flat surface needs to be translated to function on the curved surface of the fish , a bit of trial and error .
Its an interesting question as to what they stand on . These are quite simple but I think I would like to apply those designs I have tried on the ceramic fish . Although I love creating those perfect surfaces the hand made finish of the ceramic fish could be an interesting proposition when applied to wood . I’ve been looking at the work of Sven Berlin and he achieves a great deal of life in his carvings although his craftsmanship , in the light of modern carvers , is slightly sketchy . Does Craft interfere with Art ?

Summer Sun

Wellingtonia Wood

Wellingtonia Wood



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  1. The shapes, choice of wood, mounting wood and shapes make for visually pleasing pieces. Hand drill for the spots? Dremel?

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